Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sightseeing in San Antonio!

        After my family got settled here in Texas I was eager to explore some of the many great historical sites.  Visiting the Alamo in San Antonio was on the top of my list.  Located south of our home, the drive was just a few hours through scenic hill country and made for a prefect weekend getaway!

       We decided to stay in a hotel on the Riverwalk after learning most places to visit were within walking distance.  Upon check-in, I was so glad we made this choice! Parking by the Riverwalk is very limited. Our hotel on the Riverwalk was impressive! I was in awe of the historical architecture and enjoyed the updated and modern interior!  We quickly dropped off our luggage at the room and set off on foot to the Alamo!  Our walk only took a few minutes, but would have been a lot faster if we had the kids kick scooters to zoom around on.  After our city excursion was over, I realized we had walked more than five miles!

     The Alamo was amazing to see in person. Definitely should be on every ones bucket list!   For some odd reason I had a picture in my mind that The Alamo was a HUGE building.   It was actually very small compared to what I had envisioned.  The historical accounts of the attack that day, clothing, and writings on the walls were extremely difficult to view even after all of these years.
         We found a beautiful gazebo located in front of the Alamo to rest and relax our feet.  Next time we visit, I will pack a picnic lunch to enjoy here!
      Our next stop was to venture to the Rivercenter Mall, located on the Riverwalk. We gathered a few souvenirs and then began walking back towards the hotel along the Riverwalk.
    The Riverwalk is lined with many restaurants from upscale eats to kid-friendly restaurants like, The Rain Forest Cafe.  Many have seating outside so you can enjoy the riverboats while dining.  The Riverwalk isn't very wide to accommodate a stroller.   If you have little kids or are accident prone beware because there isn't anything to keep you from falling in!   Immediately after this picture was taken, my daughter in the pink coat came within an inch of falling into the water head first. Thankfully,  I had her within arms reach and was able to grab her!

     Luckily we found a super cute cafe to stop at to enjoy an ice cream treat before heading back to the hotel for a nap before visiting Six Flags Fiesta, also located in San Antonio!  We had an amazing weekend visiting this beautiful city. I feel like we only got to see a small part of San Antonio!  So we will be back for another visit really soon! Have you ever been to San Antonio? Where is your favorite place to visit?

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  1. I love The Alamo! We make it a point to visit every time we are downtown :)