Friday, December 14, 2012

Trust Your Power With Duracell & Patrick Willis

      One thing became apparent when we first moved to Texas a few years back. Football is big business in the Lonestar state.  We lived in a small town which rolled up the carpets on Friday night so everyone could attend the local high school football game! Friday Night Lights !!! 

      My excitement was immediate to learn my favorite battery company ~ Duracell partnered with one of the best linebackers from The San Fransisco 49ers! Together they are spreading the message  ~ Trust Your Power!  Regardless of the obstacles put in your path you must press on and strive for a better future!  Everyone has issues and has their own struggles.... some more than others! Together Duracell & Patrick Willis want to inspire everyone to strive for  bigger and better opportunities that will enrich our lives!

    Patrick Willis' story is beyond inspiring to me. He came from extreme poverty. Grew up in a home with no electricity at times and no running water in the home until he was 8 years old.  He was forced to grow up quickly, take on responsibilities at a very young age, and still was motivated to strive for a prosperous future!  I think all of us have had hard times and struggles. We can either choose to allow it to consume us or decide to fight for a better life.  You have to trust your power.  Listen to your "gut" instincts and have a tenacious hunger and drive for excellence!

    My mom is a statistic. A teen pregnant with me at the age of 15.  Married and gave birth at the age of 16.  She was determined to graduate. Walking 5+ miles each way to school and back while she was 7 months pregnant.  The year after I was born she dropped out of school to stay home with me. Then the following year returned to school.  She took on a heavy course load that enabled her to graduate on time and receive her diploma on stage with her fellow classmates,  despite skipping classes the year I was born.  She didn't stop there.  She eventually went on to obtain 2 degrees, and become the first person in her family to EVER graduate college.  As one of seven siblings this was a huge accomplishment for her. She was able to secure a amazing job with the government and provide a great life for me.  I admire her ability to trust her power and achieve her goals and dreams!  How have you been able to overcome struggles and learn to trust your power?

I received products from Duracell in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.


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  1. Your mom sounds like an amazing woman!

    I am still learning to "trust my power" ... I wouldn't say that things were handed to me, but I definitely had an advantage when I was growing up.

    My biggest struggle now is my weight, but I am trying to kick its butt! ;)