Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Modern Girls Have Plenty of Fun With Pinypon

          My daughter and I were ecstatic to find out we were selected to host Mommyparties sponsored by Pinypon. We received a huge assortment of new toys to play with and share with her friends!
         In our package was a Pinypon Minivan, Pinypon figures, and a Nenuco Newborn Makes Bubbles. We invited several of her friends over to enjoy muffins, cocoa and play with all of the new toys!  The girls were bubbling with excitement as I opened up the boxes!  One lucky girl won a Pinypon Minivan & a Nenuco Newborn Makes Bubbles babydoll to take home. Our other party guests received a Pinypon figure!
      Pinypon features mini-dolls in a stylish world!  Pinypon is perfect for any child who loves fashion, clothes, animals and nature. You can collect and create many different colorful characters with all of the interchangeable options offered with  cute Pinypon figures!! You can mix up and interchange everything to create a unique Pinypon world! ! Pinypon offers interchangeable dresses, accessories, hairstyles and sweet or sad faces!  The options are endless and provide hours of imaginative play!

   The kids really found Nenuco Newborn Makes Bubbles fascinating!  The giggles from the kids as the doll blew bubbles was priceless! Baby dolls are great to role play with your child. This enables them to learn how to show empathy and encourages motor skills!

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           Please keep in mind Pinypon & Nenuco Newborn Makes Bubbles baby doll are intended for children ages 4+. Both toys include very small pieces that are potential choking hazards for young children.  We had a great time playing and sharing! Thank you Mommyparties sponsored by Pinypon!

We received a free party pack from Mommyparties to facilitate this party.
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  1. How fun! I have a niece who would LOVE these!!!

  2. I had never even heard of these but they look so cute!

  3. Sometimes I wished I could have had one girl. Great excuse for playing with these kinds of great toys.. Blessed with boys though. God is still good...will pass it on.