Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's a Blanket! It's a Puppet! Cuddleuppet {Review}

             My whole family loves to snuggle with blankets! It's not uncommon to come over to my house even in the summer to find us relaxing in the air conditioning wrapped up in a blanket!  There is something so soft and soothing about a blanket! Cuddleuppets are a snuggley blanket and a fun puppet all combines into one! 
             We had friends come to visits from out of state and even they couldn't resist the opportunity to play with our Cuddleuppet!  Cuddleuppets aren't just for kids! Adults love them too!
         My daughter loved her Brown Bear Cuddleuppet we were sent to review.  The head of the bear is super soft to cozy up with while resting!   One of my favorite features of the Cuddleuppet is his embroidered eyes.  I'm so glad they didn't use hard plastic eyes.  They scratch kids and its also uncomfortable when your hugging them.  My kids have played with Brown Bear non-stop and he still looks brand new.  The stitching around the seams is high quality and the material of the blanket is silky soft!   Cuddleuppets get two thumbs up from my family! I'm putting one on my Christmas list just for me!  Cuddleuppets can be purchased online for $19.99 + Shipping and Handling!
I was set a Cuddleuppet to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own!

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