Tuesday, November 20, 2012

EBAY Mobile APP ~Listing An Item Has Never Been Easier!

            EBAY has a mobile app that makes it so easy to list items for sale and make a little extra money just in time for the holidays!  Each year I promise myself to get started early on my holiday list.  Each year my funds seem to run a little short as the people to buy for multiply!  I've found a few items around the house still brand new in their package.   Perfect items to list for sale to make some extra money!  I downloaded EBAY's mobile app onto my phone!
         Once you open the app you will be able to see how easy the layout is simplified to make listing and item for sale so easy!  First thing you want to do is locate the bar code with a red line through it in the upper right hand corner!  Next, touch "Scan your Item"When scanning your items bar code make sure there isn't a glare and focus the scanner approximately 1 inch above the UPC located on the item.  If your item is already in EBAY's system it will pull up all relevant information. If it isn't you will be able to manually enter the items UPC and description! 

            I scanned Angry Birds ~ The Trilology XBOX 360 Game! It was already in EBAY's system!! SCORE!! Just that fast it uploads all of the information for you!  How easy is that? Make sure you select the condition of you item,  set your price and shipping information!   Finally your item is ready to list!  EBAY's mobile app is so easy!!   I can literally list an item in under a minute!  The mobile app is so much faster than manually entering an item on the website in my opinion! Not to mention its super fun!! I feel  like I'm  a cashier at a grocery store when I scan my items with the app!

*Sponsored Post - I was hired to write this post by Splash Creative Media on behalf of eBay.
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