Sunday, October 28, 2012

HoneyBaked’s New Recipe Turkey Breast {Review}

        The HoneyBaked Ham Company has been serving up delicious meals for more than 40 years! My early memories of holiday preparations are of my dad and I visiting our local HoneyBaked store to pick up our holiday ham.  The sweet signature glaze has made me smile and my taste buds sing for many years!

Did you know The HoneyBaked Ham Company also has sold turkey for the past 20 years?  I didn't realize they did.  I'm on a mission and have tunnel vision when I visit their store to pick up my holiday ham!   During my last visit I took the time to browse around in store to see all of the options available.    I was surprised and excited to discover
HoneyBaked’s New Recipe Turkey Breast! 

HoneyBaked's New Recipe Turkey Breast is:
  • 98% fat free
  • 100% turkey breast meat
  • Slow roasted for that home-cooked flavor
  • Moist and tender
  • Available roasted or smoked
  • Each turkey breast is sliced for convenient serving and is hand-finished with our signature sweet and crunchy HoneyBaked glaze.
  • Regular price $22.99

               For my review I stopped by my local store to pick up HoneyBaked’s New Recipe Roasted Turkey Breast,  two HoneyBaked Heat & Share Sides and a HoneyBaked Cheesecake Sampler.  Once I got our dinner home preparation was super easy. 

The Cornbread Dressing & Sweet Potato Souffle Heat & Share Sides can be heated in the microwave or oven.  Since I was making two of them I decided to pop them in the oven.   While they were in the oven I had the turkey breast sitting on the counter.   The turkey breast just needs to be brought to room temperature before serving.  

 In less than 30 minutes our dinner was ready to eat!  As a busy mother of 4 children in school.   Our evenings are plum crazy between dinner, homework, and school activities.   It was nice to be able to enjoy a healthy and great tasting meal that required little effort to get on the table!  The roasted turkey breast was moist and juicy. The sweet crunchy glaze around the turkey breast was divine!  The cornbread dressing was crispy around the edges and flavored perfectly with savory spices.  My husband and kids love sweet potatoes.  The walnuts and pecans blended with brown sugar on top provided a nice contrast in texture with the smooth and savory sweet potato souffle!

      My kids were quick to join the clean plate club in hopes of getting to have a slice of cheese cake! In my opinion cheesecake and a cup of coffee are the perfect ending to any dinner!
    The sampler included three slices each of Mississippi Mud, Strawberry Swirl, Triple Chocolate and New York Style cheesecake.  Only for research purposes..... I sampled all four tasty options! While I enjoyed each variety, my favorite was Mississippi Mud!  The chocolate graham crust, creamy cheesecake and crunchy nuts is pure sweet sugar heaven!
     This review has opened my eyes to all of the options available at The HoneyBaked Ham Co.   It nice to know I now have options on those crazy weeknights to pick up a wholesome meal I can get on the table quickly for my busy family! Have you tried HoneyBaked's New recipe Turkey Breast?

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I received a free food to facilitate this review. All opinions contained are purely my own.


  1. Not for Ohio:(

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    2. Check your local paper I've seen HoneyBaked coupons in there also!

  2. That turkey looks amazing, but I think I'd have to stick to the ham!! I could go for that cheesecake, too, though!! It all looks so great!