Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hoffbrau Steaks ~ Restaurant Review

Hoffbrau Steaks is a family owned steakhouse providing great food in a comfortable atmosphere! My sister was visiting for the weekend. After the long driver from taking her to the airport, we were starving and decided to have dinner!

Hoffbrau Steaks has six locations including Amarillo, North Dallas, Dallas West End, Fort Worth, Granbury, and Haltom City! We decided to visit the Fort Worth location. It was in a great area located close to the Fort Worth Zoo!

           Hoffbrau Steaks features an eclectic assortment of antiques for decor to make the atmosphere of the restaurant feel warm and cozy.  The menu provides a nice assortment of choices from appetizers, soups, salads, comfort food, steaks ,and desserts!
          We started out with an appetizer.  Grilled Smoke Sausage with Dr.Pepper BBQ sauce was what my family decided on.  Partially because Dr.Pepper was created right here in Texas!  The sausage was delicious and the sauce was the perfect accompaniment! My daughter loved it so much.   I had to remind her to share with the rest of us! For only $5.50 it was a good size portion and tasted great!

         Our waitress was very attentive, perky and super sweet.  She brought out bread rolls with a delectable whipped butter. The butter was sweet,creamy, and better than most I've EVER had!   I know butter isn't the best thing for you to eat in the world, but I love it.  Ok, so enough about the butter....While enjoying our appetizer, she took our dinner order.  Our entrees came with the choice of 2 sidewinders (side dishes)! I choose the house salad with blue cheese dressing as one of my sidewinders! Yummy!
           For my dinner, I selected The Hoffbrau Fillet. For $19.50 you get a 7 oz. filet wrapped in bacon with 2 sidewinders.  In addition to my salad, I picked steak fries to go along with my steak! My husband had Smoked Sirloin. For $16.75 ~ The Gent's Cut which is a 12oz portion. Both entrees came with so much food we were beyond full and unable to finish our entire plates!

My filet was cooked to perfection. I prefer my steaks cooked medium and still slightly pink in the center. The seasoning on the steak is what really stood out to me! I'm super picky and usually only like steaks prepared at home by my husband. He know exactly the right amount of seasoning to add. I find ordering a steak out at a restaurant difficult because most are lacking on the seasoning.  Now I know I can get a succulent steak seasoned perfectly from Hoffbrau Steaks!  The steak fries were also great. Very soft in the center and crisp around the edges!

         My husband really enjoyed his smoked sirloin.  If you have never had a steak smoked before you are seriously missing out.  You can see the nice layer of spices on the top of the sirloin. Each piece has a small layer of fat to keep the sirloin tender and juicy during the smoking process.  In addition to his salad he had 3 Cheese mac n' cheese for his sidewinder.  The cheese was literally oozing all over the fork as he got a bite.  Two thumbs up on the cheesiness!

           Overall I was very impressed with Hoffbrau Steaks. The choices and quality of the food was great and the kids menu didn't disappoint either.  For $4.50 my kids received their meal with a side dish, beverage and a Blue Bell Push Up for dessert! The kids portions were huge and resembled a regular size meal from any other restaurant I have visited. My kids were all smiles when our waitress brought out their desserts!

Do you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area or are visiting Texas soon?
  I would highly recommend Hoffbrau Steaks for their high quality food and large portions!

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I received 2 free dinners in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own!

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