Sunday, October 7, 2012

An Important Day in Rocket World!

       Are you wondering what Rocket World is? Three years ago we moved our family from Ohio to Texas for my husband to start his new job.  He works at the rocket testing facility for SpaceX, as a rocket engine technician!  Over the past few years there are many men and woman who have put all of their blood, sweat, and tears in making the Falcon 9 rocket launches successful!

           On the last mission SpaceX proved capabilities to connect to the International Space Station(ISS).  That leads up to today!  SpaceX is set to fulfill the first flight in the CRS contract with NASA to replenish supplies for the ISS.  Launch is scheduled for 8:35PM ET from Cape Canaveral, Florida.   Hubs and our family will be at the testing facility in McGregor, TX  watching the live feed. You can watch prelaunch activities at starting at 7:35PM ET. 

We are praying for good weather and a successful launch!  Will you be watching?


  1. AWESOME!!!!! I'll try to watch!!

  2. Awesome!! Ill try to watch if I dont forget!

  3. Wow! Sorry I missed the post. I hope it went well, So glad to know that there are people out there still bringing us into the stars!