Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beautiful Beasties Pet Photography Book {Giveaway}

  Beautiful Beasties ~  A Creative Guide to Modern Pet Photography written by Jamie Pfughoeft

           Did you know more than 62% of Americans are pet owners?  Pets have become part of our daily lives. Most people include their pets are a member of their family!  There are even some who over induldge their pets with lavish lifestyles! I still laugh out loud, when I see a grown woman pushing a dog in a stroller through the neighborhood!  I myself prefer to have dogs as pets, my daughter is a cat lover! Regardless of which animals you prefer its essential to capture those special moments with your pet by taking the best photographs possible!  Beautiful Beasties is the first pet photography book, to act as a guide to instruct you in ways to capture a better photo of your animal!  

                   After my husband and I married and purchased our first home in 1999. I was so excited to be able to get our first pet!  At just 2 hours old, my husband and I picked out our first puppy.  After trying for several months to conceive without success, we decided the next best thing would be to get a dog.   At the exact same time, my husbands brother's black lab was soon to deliver puppies.  It was perfect timing! We got the pick of the litter. We choose one of the only female chocolate pups, and named her Peaches!  When we got her home, the amount of pictures I took were insane. Some were better than others!  This is one of my recent favorites!

      Beautiful Beasties addresses tips and trick to make a photo like the one I took above, a little bit better.  I captured her personality in the shot , she is smiling!! I should have prepared better for the lighting and how to reduce the glare. As well as,  how to center my dog in the shot!

Follow these 7 tricks to photographing your pet from Beautiful Beasties:
  1.  Prepare
  2.  Pay Attention to Light and Location
  3.  Be Patient
  4.  Try New Things
  5.  Introduce New Foods
  6.  Make It Fun
  7.  Undo Conditioning

             Each page of Beautiful Beasties is artfully adorned with amazing pictures of the cutest animals! As you make your way through the twelve chapters,  you will become more at ease taking pictures in different settings.  The final chapters discuss how to edit your photos and explain ways to make money as a professional photographer!  Beautiful Beasties is a great book for a young child discovering a love for photography! This book is a great read for animal lovers in general,or anyone interested in photography! Searching for an ageless, unisex gift? Beautiful Beasties is sure to inspire a smile and be appreciated by all!  Available for purchase from Wiley, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon!

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  1. They want to run or bump into the camera. Wont sit still.

  2. They always move! And I don't want them to touch the lens either.

  3. Trying to find a really good background.

  4. Can't get her to stay, when I have the perfect shot she moves.

    Wanda McHenry