Sunday, May 13, 2012

SheSpeaks Blogger: Recalls Plus App Review

               I can recall from an early age,  when other kids were talking about potential career paths.   I was so uninterested!  I knew what I wanted to be,  when I grew up.    A Mother!  After marrying the man of my dreams,  we struggled for a while to conceive.   Almost two years later, we found out we were pregnant. Sheer panic set in!   A baby needs some many items.   A crib, a car seat, and a million other things.   The options were endless and left me feeling very overwhelmed.  As a mother, we all want to make the best choices for our children.   As part of  The Shespeaks Blogger Society, I'm so thankful to be able to share the information about the this very informative app!   I wish the Recalls Plus App was available years ago, when my first child was born!  It would have helped easy my worries along time ago.    The team behind Recalls Plus, works vigorously to bring you the latest information on recalls for children's products and food allergen recalls. 

            Downloading the Recalls Plus App on my iPhone was simple.  I went into the app store, searched Recalls Plus and with the touch of the button,  the app was downloaded into my phone for FREE.  There aren't many things in life for Free! Thanks to the Recalls Plus App you have an endless supply of information right in the palm of your hand!  Recalls Plus is available on Facebook, iPhone, and Android

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          I personally love the app! I don't have to search online or look through parenting magazines to find recalls.  Several years ago.... I felt horrible!   A major toy recall was announced because the toys contained lead.  I didn't find out about it,  until months later while browsing the toy aisle at Toys R Us!  Utilizing the Recalls Plus App is very easy.   On the home tab - you will see ~ latest recall news.  This is a list of the most recent recalls and enables you to see a brief snippet of the company and product on the recall list.  The watch list is my favorite feature.  Say for example,  you have an Graco car seat.  Simply click the "add stuff" tab,  enter the individual product or select from a preset checklist.  In the event that product is recalled , you will be notified! Leave your worries behind! The Recalls Plus app will save you time and give you piece of mind!

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  1. That's kind of interesting. I don't usually look up recalls, but this might make it easier. I don't have an iphone, though.

  2. This app will make keeping up with recalls even easier. I love that someone thought of this and plan to utilize it! With 3 little ones, I can never be too overly cautious when it comes to product safety!

  3. This is a smart app. You never know when recalls will effect yourself. I like being in the know.