Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spruce Your Bathroom for Spring W/ Cottonelle Roll Covers

   Cottonelle has partnered with Jonathon Adler to design a bright and fresh roll cover to help you transform your bathroom from bland to fabulous!
        Cottonelle was so generous to send me several new roll covers featuring the designs by Jonathan Adler to share with my friends. My friends and  I love the bold geometric designs and brights colors.  At my house, my colors of paint on the walls and flooring are neutral colors. I prefer to bring in color through my accessories!  Cottonelle Roll Covers give you a variety of options for colors.  You can purchase a few hand towels on bright pink and orange to give your bathroom a tropical them for spring!
      Cottonelle Roll Covers are cute to look at and functional to hide a roll of toilet paper ! They  can also be used for many other purposes.   I keep one on my kitchen counter and fill it with tea packets.  My girls have one on their dresser! They are used to store their hair accessories.  I'm always looking for fun way to re-purpose things!

            I invited several friends and their children over to get a first look at Jonathon Alder's fresh new spring design on Cottonelle Roll Covers!   In the spirit of Earth Day, I thought it would be fun  for us to create some crafts from an ordinary empty toilet paper roll! 

Look and these cute binoculars! So easy to make! Simply place a staple between the two rolls. Poke a small hole on the outer to side of the role. Feed a small string through and tie an knot on each end to secure the string!

Look at this cute owl!! Simply fold the top of the roll into the center, then fold the other side into the center to form the ears, then decorate with markers!

I also made party favors for all of my guests to take home.  I took my favorite organic granola bar and an organic fruit strip.   Placed them inside an empty toilet paper roll! Then wrapped the roll in tissue paper and tied it with a pretty green ribbon!

My friends and I had such a great time creating cute crafts and enjoying the afternoon together!  If you would like to jazz up your home decor with an affordable sleek design by Jonathon Alder ~ Cottonelle Roll Covers are available at your local store or can be ordered online!
I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting, on behalf of Cottonelle, and received product samples and a promotional item to facilitate my party

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