Saturday, April 21, 2012

Santa Cruz Organic Review

      Santa Cruz Organic is my newest addition to The Green Guide in celebration of Earth Day.  For the past 30 years Santa Cruz Organic has provided more than 60 different products ranging from juice to peanut butter.
      My family was sent an assortment of Santa Cruz Organic products to sample for the review, but the truth is I've been buying these products for quite some time now.  As a mother of 4 kids,  they love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so much!   They ask for them on a daily basis for lunch.  I struggled at first to find a healthy option for peanut butter and jelly.  I wanted to avoid any products containing high fructose corn syrup. I had no idea how hard a task that would be. Finally, I discovered Santa Cruz Organic while shopping at Whole Foods.  I love the vast array of products offered.  I can make a wholesome lunch for my children with Santa Cruz Organic peanut butter available in cream or crunchy, and light or dark roast.  The perfect accompaniment is Santa Cruz Fruit Spreads available in 6 different varieties.  With their PB&J sandwiches, I serve a apple cinnamon fruit sauce and mango lemonade to drink! If you like lemonade like I do, you will LOVE Santa Cruz Mango Lemonade. It's not overly sweet. I love how the mango balances out the tartness of the lemon. It is my all time favorite drink on a sunny warm day in Texas!  Other than the bread, its an entire lunch from The Santa Cruz Organic product line.  All products have the USDA Organic seal! You know when you see the organic seal your getting a high quality product produced with only the healthiest ingredients!

      Why does my family love Santa Cruz Organic products? Look at the consistency of the fruit pictured above in the Tropical Fruit Sauce. Whole organic fruit and juices in its natural form that tastes pure and delicious!  My favorite Santa Cruz Organic fruit spread variety is seedless red raspberry.  I love the noticeable bits of raspberry you can see as you spread it on a piece of toast or bread.  I could go on and on about all of the fabulous products offered by Santa Cruz Organics!  I also want to highlight some of the green initiatives taken to make Santa Cruz Organic an extraordinary green company!   

         For the past 10 years Santa Cruz Organic has been awarded the Wrap Award ~ Waste Reduction Awards Program, from the California Integrated Waste Management Board.  Only companies committed to saving energy, reducing packaging, and increasing recycling are bestowed this award.  96% of all waste from production is recycled. To put a number to that percentage ~ 37,000 tons of waste was saved from a landfill because of the efforts made by Santa Cruz Organic to preserve our Earth! I also love the link on the Santa Cruz website that gives me the ability to connect with the farmers who produce the  products used by Santa Cruz Organic.  There is also a link in the upper right hand corner to enter you zip code to find Santa Cruz Organic products in a store near you!

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I received a sample to facilitate my review. All opinions are purely my own.

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