Friday, April 13, 2012

The National Food Blogger Bake Sale April 28, 2012 ~ How can you help?

          Do you love to bake? My passion for baking began as an eager nine year old.   I was looking to find something creative to occupy my time.  I watched my grandma for several years bake delectable biscuits, cookies,and cakes.   Determined to duplicate her success,  after watching her so many times.  I wanted to  produce the same results.   The baking process began! The chocolate chips were pulled out if the cabinet and  I mixed the ingredients.  I remember watching the cookies bake through the small window in the front of the oven.  When I pulled out the first cookie sheet, I was amazed at the final product.  They tasted phenomenal also, I might add!    Then I got the bright idea..... Dad loves chocolate chip cookies.   I'm going to make him the biggest cookie EVER!   The size of the cookie took up the majority of the pan.   At nine years old, I didn't realized the need to add additional baking time and lower the oven temperature!  I have vivid memories of my dad taking his first bite as he enjoyed my baking masterpiece.  

       The wonderful thing about food is the comfort it provides and the way it brings people together.   In my house, it doesn't matter if your the baker or the one enjoying the baked goods, there are always smiles all around!   What if I told you,  your participation in The National Food Blogger Bake Sale, could help many needy children in America?  Would you be willing to bake items or host a bake sale in your area?  Get in the kitchen with your children, friends, and family and let the fun begin!   Host a bake sale in your area to benefit so many children who desperately need it!

 Bloggers without Borders  in partnership with Share Our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale & Gaby Dalkin  plan to make The National Food Blogger Bake Sale, a huge success again this year! We as a community need to circle around these hungry children to provide the resources they need.

Last year $25,000 was raised through 26 bake sales.
This year, we have set a challenge: to raise $50,000!

With just $1 providing 10 meals per child, you can help Share Our Strength ensure that the more than 16 million kids facing hunger today never go hungry again. 
Get Involved!
Here’s a list of bake sales that are already taking place. If you’re interested in participating in a bake sale, please reach out to the host. If there isn’t a bake sale taking place in your area, take charge to organize your own!

Host a Bake Sale!
The first step in hosting a bake sale is registering at Registering will get you access to online fundraising tools to help you get your bake sale started. . Additional tools and resources can be found in The Bake Sale Resources Center. They’ve got top 10 tips for your bake sale, flyers, stickers, pricing tips and much more!

Many children benefit from The National Food Blogger bake sale.  I encourage you to get involved!  No child should have to go to sleep hungry!
I received a small token of appreciation for my participation in this campaign. All views and opinions are my own!

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