Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dominos Pizza Hewitt TX - Have They Overcharged You Also?

I like to keep the vibe on my blog lite and fun but had an experience last week I want to share with you! 

My family has been a huge fan of Domino's since I was a little girl. In fact my first dogs name was Domino! I love the option to order online, track my pizza, and then hubs picks up our pizza order on the way home.  We order EVERY Tuesday or Wednesday, just like clockwork.  On Feb 28, I place an order for $25.95. The order was a carryout and my husband specifically placed a 0 in the tip line.  Then last week after going through balancing my check book, I noticed a charge from Domino's for $30.95. This was a red flag for me. So after pulling the receipt. Yes, I keep them all. One of the many quirks I still do ~ after years of owning our own business. They overcharged me $5.

      I called the store and was instructed to come in the next day to speak to the manager.  When I arrived, I was told "Brittany" would be over in just a second.  I stood at the counter waiting. During this time, I could see her making pizza after pizza ~ 9 in total. Then she walked passed me at the counter, grabs a scale, walks past me again, without speaking and goes to fill the cheese machine. I couldn't believe a manager would ignore a customer, especially one who was there due to an overcharge.  Then to my disbelief, she started making pizzas again.  Finally she comes over, asks for my phone number, hands me $5, and states she will have her district manager contact me.  She offered a half sarcastic "I'm sorry" and that was IT!!

    Little did she know, I was tweeting to Dominos on Twitter while I was waiting.  I did receive a quick and polite response stating the issue was sent to the store owner who would follow up with in 3 days.  I haven't heard anything at all from the owner.  I'm upset that $5 was taken from my bank account, essential this is stealing regardless of the amount. I also wonder how many other customers had this happen, that didn't realize the difference in the charges on their bank account.  As much as I LOVE Dominos pizza I will find another place to take my business.  Have you ever had this happen to you?


  1. Marla,
    That's awful! They should give you free pizza's for a year!

  2. It has happened to us by Pizza Hut when we had pizza delivered. We put down a $3 tip, and the driver filled it out to be $8. So we called to complain and they gave us free pizza in exchange and our money back. You really have to read your receipts carefully. I have also gone to pick up my Dominoes pizza order, and twice now, had to wait 10 minutes while they redid my stuffed cheesy bread when I called to specifically make sure that they didn't shake any Garlic stuff on top. I am 25 1/2 weeks pregnant, and I can't eat garlic without getting awful heartburn.

  3. I haven't - or at least not that I know of.

    I would have been SO MAD! And, the 2nd time she walked passed me, I would have let her know. (I have a bit of a temper.)

    I would say if the owner doesn't contact you after 3 days, I'd tweet Dominos again.

    Good luck! (We are HUGE Papa Murphy's fans here.)

  4. I wrote this post after 3 days of not hearing from the store owner. I was overly polite and wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. As much as I wanted to throw a fit in the store, my son was with me. I will not take my business there again. I just wonder how many other people they overcharged as well. Tomorrow will be a week since I was in the store. I did send another Tweet to Domino's who said they would send a gift card for my troubles. I appreciate the gesture, but also want to makes sure they stop doing this!