Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tide Coldwater Review

    I'm a member of Shespeaks and was offered the opportunity to sample Tide Coldwater.  At first, I will tell you... I was a little apprehensive.  Growing up my mom always stressed the fact that EVERYTHING needs to be cleaned in hot scalding water to be sanitized and cleaned properly.   SO NOT TRUE ***  It has been my experience ~ HOT water causes colors to fade and clothing to shrink faster that washing in warm or cold water.  So, in the past few years, I have washed laundry in warm water with a cold rinse to save a little bit of money.  I was excited to give Tide Coldwater a shot.   I wanted to see for myself, if it really works.

    Tide Coldwater performed exactly like I thought it would on my "white loads" of laundry.  All of my clothes came out pearly white and sparkling clean.  I would expected nothing less from a Tide detergent.  

Can I tell you how delighted I was,  to see my "dark loads" come out just as clean?

Tide's website states:  

Tide Coldwater cleans just as effectively as "other leading bargain detergents with warm water.

     I agree!! Load after load, Tide Coldwater successfully cleaned my laundry!

     My two youngest kids were playing with the colored sidewalk chalk.  It's funny how they always wipe their hands on their pants...NOT.  I really didn't think Tide Coldwater would be able to get their pants clean, but I was wrong.   Time and time again with different stains, I put the laundry detergent to the test.  Every load, regardless of the original condition,  came out fresh and clean. 

      I don't like to put much thought into the whole laundry process.   It's reassuring to know Tide has me covered, while saving me money.  My electric hot water heater,  also appreciates the break.  Tide Coldwater is a great "green" option for wash your families laundry.  Using Tide Coldwater helps conserve energy and in turn saves you money on your utility bills.  Eco-Friendly and easy on your wallet, that's right up my alley.

Join Tide and Shespeaks for a fun interactive twitter party. Here are the details!

            Tide ColdWater
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SheSpeaks is giving out over $700 in prizes, including a Honey-Can-Do Triple Laundry Sorter, a Suncast Recycle Bin and more! You could win the grand prize, a Whirlpool High Efficiency Washing Machine.

     I hope you can join me for an amazing evening of fun conversation & tweets at the #coldwater Twitter party!

I received a sample & giftcard through the Shespeaks Tide Coldwater Program to facilitate this review. All opinion expressed are purely my own.

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  1. Great post, I just started using mine today and so far like the results.