Saturday, January 14, 2012

Finally Home to Family

           I am SO happy to hear about all of the troops making their safe return to the United States from the Middle East.  I come from a huge military family.  My grandfather was awarded a purple heart while serving in the Army.  He and his 2 brothers were recently featured in the local newspaper.  Their journey during their tour of duty closely resembled the story line in the movie, "The Band of Brothers".  My dad and father-in-law both served in the Navy. My husband is a proud Marine, who served in Kuwait and Somalia just months before Operation Desert Storm & The Gulf War.   The list of other family members who have served is very long....

  The war in Iraq has been very taxing on our military.  In the past, the enemy was known upon sight.  Now our soldiers have had to deal with IED's and normal citizens who turn out to be suicide bombers in disguise.  I couldn't imagine the shock these men and women experience when transitioning back into normal life in the states.  One day you are worried about making a wrong step that in turn, detonates a bomb, to the next day they are home dealing with daily chores like laundry and paying bills.
            Since 2001, military divorces have increased by 42%.  That statistic makes me so sad.  Can you imagine all of the men, women, and children suffering?  We need to make resources available to these soldiers to help them transition back to family life.  The widget below offers a fun option to open dialogue. We all know most soldiers(including my own) have a great sense of pride. This pride often gets in the way of them reaching out, for the help they so desperately need.  Do you have a soldier in your life?  If so, encourage them to explore the tips offered, take the quiz, and share their stories!

I received a gift in exchange for writing this post. All views contained are my own!

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