Sunday, January 8, 2012

Eco Alkalines ~Eco-Responsible Batteries Review

      Eco Alkalines are the world's ONLY certified carbon neutral batteries!  Manufactured with recycled materials.  Eco friendly batteries containing 98% recyclable contents and landfill safe without sacrificing quality.  Comparable in price to other well known name brand batteries.

Eco Alkalines contain NO ADDED:
  • Mercury
  • Lead 
  • Cadmium
                My family received several packages of Eco Alkalines batteries to review.  My kids have a never ending request for batteries for their toys, flashlights, and video games.  The main culprit in our house is the Nintendo Wii remotes.  They operate on 2AA batteries.  My son is famous for turning on the Wii, connecting the remotes, and then getting side-tracked.  Within 2 seconds, he sits the remote down, runs to his room to locate a toy or stuffed animal.  Meanwhile the remote is connected to the Wii.  This drains batteries fast!!  I put Eco Alkalines to the test.  One Wii remote contained Eco Alkalines, the other Wii remote contained the leading national brand of batteries.  The Eco Alkalines outlasted the name brand by several days!! 

               Eco Alkalines are a wonderful eco friendly option, for all of your battery needs.  I've always said, "I'm willing to make changes in the right direction to preserve the Earth, as long as I 'm not required to sacrifice quality." Eco Alkalines fits the bill!  Landfill safe ~ but I would still encourage you to recycle your batteries!  If you would like to put Eco Alkalines to the test yourself, they are available at your local Whole Foods and online at

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I received a sample to facilitate my review. All view expressed contained are my own.

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