Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Natural House Cleaning Products Review

     Most cleaning products contain so many different chemicals.  I have made a effort to find an all natural substitute for my everyday cleaning.  My grandma recently started having some breathing issues.  Her doctor believes some of her problems stem from working with chemicals for 30+ years as a commercial cleaner.  I would rather go the all natural route so I know the air my children and I are breathing is healthy and safe.

             Through my research, I discovered Natural House. I was sent a sample of three of their products to review. I love the simple names of Natural House products.   Sinky, uses  natural probiotic action to neutralize and breakdown anything left in your pipes. One packet lasts for a week. Sinky is phosphate free, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Drop the packet in the drain, run hot water for 10 seconds and watch it foam. Simple, easy to use, and I loved the fresh citrus scent. It made my kitchen smell fresh and clean.
        Flushy is an all natural toilet bowl cleaner, drain, and septic treatment.  As the former owner of a septic tank, I was curious how this would work.  Simple to use. You just drop a packet in the toilet, watch it begin to foam. After 5-10 seconds, scrub the bowl with a brush.  The send Flushy down the pipes to finish its work on your pipes and septic system. Flushy is also phosphate free and biodegradable. My kids loved to watch the foaming action. It felt nice for once to have them interacting with me as I cleaned. Usually the bathroom is off limits while I clean.  I would feel bad yelling at them not to come in the room, but I didn't want them to breath the chemicals.  Flushy worked great to clean the toilet and keep my plumbing function well!

        Trashy is a fresh wintergreen scented trash can deodorizer & scrubber.  I had high hopes prior to trying Trashy!!  My kids never seem to get the garbage in the can.  Its all ways on the lid or worse yet, they let the bag fall inside the can and then proceed to pile garbage on top.  I sprayed Natural House Trashy in the can, then wiped with a cloth to get the inside clean.   It worked wonders to get the inside clean.  The scent made my kitchen smell like Christmas, an added bonus especially at this time of year!  Each, Trashy application will work for a week to neutralize odors. The scent slowly faded away and worked well to distinguish the odors from an overfull garbage can.  All three products performed better than I expected.  I'm happy to ditch the chemicals and proclaim my home a Natural House!

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I was sent a sample in exchange for my opinion. All views are purely my own.

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