Sunday, December 18, 2011

MommyParties - Crest & Oral-B Pro-Health

      I was selected as a MommyParties host! My kids were so excited to invite over their friends to view the new Cars 2 movie and oral care products from Crest & Oral-B!
      We started the afternoon off with the movie! The kids were running around the house like crazy.   I turned on Cars 2, the movie & the kids grabbed a seat as quickly as possible! It was like they were playing musical chairs!  I popped some popcorn for my little movie-goers to share.  About half way though the movie,  we took a small break to play a few games. I wanted to let the kids release some energy.  We played healthy mouth trivia! We also played a game about oral health ~ similar to pin the tail on the donkey.  The kids had pictures of different items.  They had to choose what side of the mouth the items belonged to, either a healthy mouth or a yucky mouth.  It was funny to see the kids really ponder their choices.  I enjoyed talking with the kids to give them information about how to make healthy choices pertaining to keeping their mouth a "happy mouth"!

  We moved into the bathroom to try out all the goodies from Crest & Oral-B.  The kids loved Oral-B Pro-Health For Me Floss Picks.   Comfortable for a small hand to grip , it made flossing a breeze & enabled the kids to get those stray popcorn kernels out from in between their teeth.

    Oral-B Stages & Oral-B Pro-Health For Me Toothbrushes grow with your child from the age of 4 months old through the tween years!  Each toothbrush is designed specific to the age of your child and their hand dexterity. Oral-B toothbrushes enable them to clean their teeth to the best of their ability & achieve a healthy mouth!  Crest Pro-Health hit a home run.  All of the kids loved the minty breeze toothpaste flavor, even my daughter who always complains the toothpaste is "too hot".   She's not a fan of mint or the tingle a normal toothpaste leaves in her mouth.  Crest Pro-Health For Me Toothpaste is minty but not overpowering, to leave your mouth feeling refreshed, while preventing cavities!  The kids loved the flavor of  Breezy Berry Bubblegum Crest Pro-Health For Me Anticavity Fluoride Rinse.  As a mother, I appreciate all the effort Crest & Oral-B put into their products to make them appealing to my kids.

          The kids finished the watching Cars 2.  It was a great movie.  Lightening McQueen's escapades are entertaining for both adults and kids!  After a few more snacks it was time to go home!
Crest & Oral-B was extremely generous to provide goodie bags for each of the kids to take home. 

The kid friendly flavors of fluoride and toothpaste and cool designs of toothbrushes and floss picks encourages kids to create healthy habits to ensure they have a healthy mouth.  It was a wonderful way to educate the kids about healthy oral habits and an afternoon of fun all wrapped in one.

I received samples to facilitate this party. No other compensation  was provided. All views contained are purely my own

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