Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Equal Exchange Congo Coffee Project Review

            Equal Exchange has been working since 1986 to bring about change. Bridging the gap between small farmers and consumers.  

            Most people myself included, go into a store, purchase an item & never think about what country it originates from.  I recently watched a tv program focusing on chocolate.  I was horrified to discover the vast majority, who harvest the cacao bean are children.  They don't earn a fair days pay and exist in a hand to mouth atmosphere.  The biggest way to combat these practices is to purchase "fair trade" products.  This label informs you, your purchase is made from an organization fostering the idea ~ every human should be treated fair.

                                A fair price for a fair days work =
                   A fair price paid when selling & purchasing goods.
             Equal Exchange embraces fair trade by working diligently to bring you the best products from around the world.  In their fight to better the lives of every human being ~ Equal Exchange has partnered with the Panzi Hospital. The Panzi Hospital, located in the D.R. of the Congo, counsels and provide desperately needed medical treatment to women affected by sexual violence.  This partnership is so important is so many different ways.  So how can you help??? When you purchase a bag of coffee through Equal Exchange's  Congo Coffee Project, a portion of the price paid will go directly to the Panzi Foundation.  For each 16 oz. bag purchased through Equal Exchange's online store, a $2 donation will be made! 

    I sampled the Congo Coffee Project  Whole Bean Coffee from East Africa.  The nutty aroma of the coffee bean is delightful. The smooth taste is very satifying in the morning.  I'm a coffee girl!   I need several cups to get me going in the morning.  I honestly feel,  since coffee is an item I purchase regularly, its my responsibility as a woman to support the Congo Coffee Project.  My money will help an amazing cause and I get to enjoy and amazing cup of coffee.  Right in step with Equal Exchange's thinking, small steps can and will bring big change!

To purchase Exqual Exchange's Congo Coffee Project Whole Bean Coffee ~ Visit the Equal Exchange Online Store !
I was sent a sample in exchange for my opinion. All views contained are purely my own.           

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