Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kettle Foods Nut Butters Review

          Walking through the grocery store, I've come across almond and cashew butter several times.  My family loves peanut butter and I've heard about all of the great benefits of the other nut butters, so I was eager to sample Kettle Foods Cashew and Almond Butter.

         Kettle Foods Nut Butters showcase the most pure form of these exquisite nuts.  Kettle Foods Almond Butter contains ONLY two ingredients almonds and salt!! No preservatives or additives period!

         If you are new to all natural nut butters, don't be alarmed when you open the container.   It's a normal occurrence for the oil to separate.  Give it a few stirs to blend the oil back in and your ready to enjoy. 

         Almond & Cashew Nut Butters are high in protein and contain healthy fats.  Low in sodium and proven to prevent spikes in your blood sugar.   Both varieties tasted very smooth and creamy.  My favorite is Kettle Foods Cashew Butter. I love the subtle sweetness.    Kettle Foods Nut Butters are great on toast, crackers, and also can be used to bake up delicious delights.  All of Kettle Foods products can be ordered online or you can visit to find them in a store near you.

I was provided a sample in exchange for my opinion. All views expressed are mine.

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