Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Suzi's Sweet Shoppe ~Homemade Chocolate & Fudge Factory

Suzi's Sweet Shoppe Homemade Chocolate and Fudge Factory located in Middletown, NJ.   Is a mecca of all things decadent and sweet. A family business with over 20 years experience making delectable hand made edibles.   Suzi's Sweet Shoppe was recently voted as the best chocolate and best candy in Monmouth County at the 2011 Best of Monmouth Festival! 

               Suzi's Sweet Shoppe offers a large variety of hand dipped chocolates, fudge, fancy truffles, toffee and custom gift baskets! I was sent several items to sample including assorted chocolates pictured above.  I'm using the picture off of Suzi's Sweet Shoppe's website because I opened the box and was unable to stop the kids and myself from sample each and every chocolate in the box.  We or should I say, I had no control. Truly delicious!!  My husband had a piece of milk chocolate filled with a coconut filling and loved it. Funny thing is he doesn't normally like coconut.  This is his first time eating it, in the 14+ years we have been together.  Yes, my friends the chocolate is that good!

Yes, that is a HUGE marshmallow between two graham crackers then dipped in chocolate. As you can imagine I had to hide it from my kids because they wanted to devour the entire thing! Sorry kids, this treat has mom's name written all over it!

This genius creation is a chocolate covered twinkie! The yellow spongy cake with white cream filling enrobed in a blanket of chocolate. A masterpiece!
Dark Chocolate Almond Bark w/ Sea Salt was a bite of heaven. I loved the silkiness of the chocolate followed by just a hint of sea salt to cut the sweetness!  I was also sent chocolate dipped licorice! Red licorice has been my favorite candy since I was a little girl. It also was my dad's favorite. I have never seen it dipped in chocolate before. It was a nice surprise and very sweet.

Suzi's Sweet Shoppe is in an indulgent reprieve from your ordinary mass produced chocolate. You can see the care taken to create each piece and taste the love in every bite.

If you would like to visit Suzi's Sweet Shoppe ~ Homemade Chocolate and Fudge Factory. They are located at 1100 Highway 35 Middletown, NJ 07748.  To order custom made gift baskets, contact by phone at 732-796-0115
You can also follow Suzi's Sweet Shoppe on Facebook and Twitter. 

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