Thursday, August 4, 2011

Savory Spice Shop

Savory Spice Shop, is a hidden gem located at,  1201 W. 6th St. Austin, Texas.  

              I discovered the shop while exploring Austin, with my daughter.  We were greeted and welcomed, as if we had step into someones home.    Karen,  and the entire Savory Spice Shop's, staff are a wealth of knowledge.  There are more than 400+  hand-ground spices,blends and herbs available.    All spices are ground fresh on site, in small batches to offer the freshest product available.

                            As a new feature on, Saving U Green, I will be showcasing the best spices, blends, and herbs from Savory Spice Shop - Austin.  I'm excited to introduce you to the many amazing and tasty products available.   Each post will contain a new theme, such as Chicken ~ 7 days ~7 different ways.  This will provide you with 7 different ways to serve chicken.  Some options will feature, incorporating the spices and  herbs into recipes.  Others will be as simple as sprinkling the chicken with seasonings and its ready to be cooked for a fast dinner on the fly.   I will also take suggestions on what foods you like to serve your family. I will create posts to help you reinvent some dishes you are bored with. 
                     Along the way, Savory Spice Shop & Saving U Green,  will be offering exciting giveaway and contests. Currently on Twitter, there will be a giveaway when Savory Spice Shop reaches 1000 followers.  You can also connect on the Savory Spice Shop ~Facebook page

                 I'm interested to here.  What your favorite spices and herbs are?   Do you prefer meat or vegetarian options?  What type foods do you enjoy the most?  Asian, Italian, Mexican, Moroccan  

Look forward to many upcoming posts from Savory Spice Shop ~ Austin on 6th & Saving U Green - as we embark on this tasty journey!                                                                             

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