Thursday, August 11, 2011

iECO Clothes Review

                                          iECO Clothes, created by a family inspired by Australia's conservation and sustainability practices . They  decided to create cute and inspiring t shirts. The company name comes from the thought ~we all are equal and a slight play on words to show Equal = Eco

                       My daughter loves to find cute shirts with funny saying on them.  I love her openness to new ideas.  She is receptive to the changes,  I'm making by choosing organic for our family.  She has taken some flak from the kids in her school for eating weird stuff.   Since when is healthy weird?  I've always encouraged my kids to be unique and proud.  These adorable shirts allow her to stand proud for the principles our family believes in.

iEco,  tshirts are made of 100% cotton.  Unbelievably soft and comfortable for my daughter to wear. The cute designs are adorable. The shirt sent for my daughter states ~ Green is the new Black.   A mission my family hopes to encourage others to embrace.

This is just one of several tshirts available from iEco.  Their tshirt's are available in womens and children's sizes.   The average price is $23.99. 

For each tshirt sold, a new tree is planted!  Double bonus in my book.

If interested you can view all of the iEco  products in their Online Store.  iEco is also on Facebook & Twitter.

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine. I was provided a free sample in exchange for my opinion.

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