Saturday, July 16, 2011

SUNSTAR G.U.M Soft Picks Review

   I had a horrible over bite growing up. To remedy the situation, I got braces.  Little did I know, it would take 6 years to finally get them off. After they were taken off, my teeth continued to shift back into their original position.  My only choice, was to get permanent metal retainers cemented to the back of my teeth.  In the beginning it was only going to be for a few years ~17 years later I still have them.  I have struggled to keep my teeth clean due to the retainers. It makes it extremely difficult to floss. 

      Sunstar G.u.m., introduced their new soft-picks!  I was so happy to find them.  Soft-Picks are clinically proven to remove plaque.  Soft-picks also massage your gums and can dislodge food to protect you against cavities.   Most people try to keep their teeth clean but neglect in between their teeth.  The soft-picks make it so easy to keep your teeth clean and your gums in good health.   They come in 15,40, and 80 count packs that include a carrying case.   I keep the case in my purse.   They are small and discreet to use in a restaurant bathroom after a meal and then discard after use.  I find them very affordable at $3.49 for a 40 count pack.  They can be found at your local drug stores, Target and Walmart!  For additional information and products, visit the Sunstar G.U.M Website.     Sunstar G.U.M. is also on Facebook and Twitter
 The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine. I was provided a free sample in exchange for my opinion

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