Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mrs Smith's Pie Review

                     A few years ago, we moved our family from Ohio to Texas for my husband's new job.   I have always heard about southern hospitality, but was eager to experience it for myself.   It didn't take long.   A few days after settling in, I heard a knock at the door.   It was my next door neighbor, holding a Mrs. Smith's Chocolate Creme Pie!  She said, " I would've made you a homemade pie,  but it was to hot to turn the oven & Mrs.Smith's tastes better than mine!"  I turned around and my husband was standing there with his mouth hanging open.  We were amazed!! From all the places we've moved to, a neighbor has never brought us a welcome present, much less a Mrs. Smith's Chocolate Cream Pie.  My husband was ecstatic!!  He loves chocolate pie.   That day,  we became addicted to the creamy chocolate filling and the flaky crust.   The whipped topping with shaved chocolate on top, is pure heaven in my mouth.

                    The great thing about Mrs. Smith's cream and meringue pies is they thaw in 60-90 minutes.   I like to keep them in the freezer, to have as dessert with a special dinner.  I always have friends and family stopping by unexpectedly.  I pull a Mrs. Smith's Chocolate Cream Pie out of the freezer. The pie thaws while we are talking. Then we have a perfect pie ready to eat, while we are having coffee.  The best part is having an awesome tasting pie, without turning on the oven in this hot Texas heat!

                  Mrs.Smith's makes apple,cherry,blueberry,peach and mince pies.  My favorite is cherry pie. Mrs. Smith's stuffs big plump cherries in a flaky pie crust.  It is the perfect blend of sweet and sour.   One bite always leads to another here in our house.   The cherry pie bakes in 30 minutes and serves 8.   If you would like to find Mrs. Smith's pies in your area, click here.    There are several delicious varieties available, surely  to satisfy the pickiest eater! The price is also very affordable!

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine. I was provided a free sample in exchange for my opinion


  1. Mrs. Smith's Dutch Apple is our favorite!

  2. I purchased a Mrs. Smith's Classic Pumpkin pie and Bluederry pie. The crusts of both were like wallboard. The pumpkin had no spice taste, no consistency I recall of their pumpkin pies and the wallboard crust was terrible. The blueberry was bland, no taste and the wallboard crust could only be penetrated with the point of a knife. Both pies were baked exactly to their directions.
    My family all agree, NEVER serve this to your guests.