Saturday, July 30, 2011

J.R. Watkins Gourmet Food Products Review

J.R. Watkins has been in business since 1868.   Founded in his home kitchen.   He began making all natural healthy products.  So confident about the superior quality, J.R.Watkins Naturals,was the first to ever offer a money back guarantee.

J.R. Watkins, mission according to their website:
To be the most trusted natural products company.

Our core values:

  • We demand of ourselves the highest level of integrity.
  • We focus on meeting our customers' needs and exceeding their expectations.
  • We provide our investors an attractive return.
  • We always take accountability for our mistakes.
  • We encourage employees to develop, grow and improve quality of life.
  • We contribute to the overall quality of life in our communities.

Our brand promise:
We promise our customer a feeling of timeless comfort with every product.
We promise our customer natural products. We promise our customer a perfectly consistent product.

             I was so excited to review J.R.Watkins products!  Any company that has been in business for 100+ years, is high quality to me.  You don't last that long in the business world unless you have amazing quality and great customer service!  I was able to sample all natural cinnamon and Watkins organic pure vanilla extract.

    In addition to baking up tasty dishes and desserts. You can use cinnamon and vanilla extract for other uses as well.

                        Vanilla Extract to the rescue   Some people experience morning sickness.  While pregnant with my first daughter,  mine could be triggered throughout the day by various smells. . I would put vanilla extract on a cotton swab.   Then dab the swab across my neck.  It would linger through the day and protect me from offensive smells that would upset my stomach.

                        I made two batches of chocolate chip cookies. One with J.R.Watkins organic vanilla extract, and the other batch with an off brand imitation vanilla extract.    I loved the flavor my cookies had from the organic vanilla extract.  The pure vanilla extract from  the organic Bourbon vanilla beans was able to shine.  While its true you can purchase imitation vanilla extract, in my experience the flavors don't even compare.  My kids didn't know about my secret taste test.  They noticed the difference in the flavor between the batches right away.   I also used the all natural cinnamon to spice up my apples a bit.  Just slice, sprinkle, and enjoy!  It a twist from the original apple taste. The smoky spice of the cinnamon with the sweet tartness from the apple is very flavorful!
              A new line of, All Natural Gourmet Grinders,  was recently introduced.  I was able to sample the Pizza & Pasta Seasoning Grinder.  I made chicken and spinach cannelloni with alfredo sauce.  It was good but tasted a little bland until I used my Pizza & Pasta Seasoning Grinder. The grinder blends sea salt, garlic, bell peppers, oregano and parsley.  The combo of spices was the perfect addition to my cannelloni!  The chicken seasoning grinders blends black peppercorn, seal salt, garlic, bell peppers and yellow mustard seed.  The mustard seed pushes this grinder over the top.  It was something I would expect to be in the seasoning blend, but it make my grilled chicken delish!  The all natural grinders are packaged in glass bottles and would make a classy beautiful gift for a special foodie in your life.  All,  J.R.Watkins,  products can be ordered online from
    The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine. I was provided a free sample in exchange for my opinion


    1. I love Watkins products! I use the black pepper on everything! My husband loves the barbecue sauce and he's just discovering all the uses for the grinders. We ordered 4 the last time we purchased products.

      I am actually a Watkins Rep.

      Marla, I would love to get together and do a give away for your readers.
      Please contact me!

    2. Does anyone know if the vanilla extract has peanuts in it or does the facility use peanuts?

      1. Thanks for your comment! I just received confirmation from J.R.Watkins. The vanilla extract DOES NOT contains peanuts and is NOT made in a facility that uses peanuts. She also said per federal regulations it would be disclosed on any product if it was!

    3. I just bought the double strength vanilla, and was wondering, do I use half the amount a recipe calls for??

      1. I have always used the same amount to have stronger vanilla flavor come through in my recipe.