Monday, July 25, 2011

Green Mountain Coffee Review

                     Green Mountain Coffee, located in Vermont was founded in 1981.  They produce  more than 100 different varieties of coffee.  Green Mountain Coffee, has one of the largest offerings of Fair Trade Certified organic coffee in the country.

Green Mountain Coffee,  according to their website states:
At Green Mountain Coffee®, we are dedicated to providing the richest aroma and flavor, for the highest quality coffee experience. We travel the globe to purchase the finest coffees, batch roast them to peak flavor, and vacuum package them fresh for your enjoyment. 
     For my review, I selected Green Mountain Chocolate Raspberry Truffle.  While pregnant with my daughter, I got into the bad habit of ending my meals with something sweet ~ 4 kids later, I haven't been able to break it.   Green Mountain Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Coffee, is the perfect finish to a great meal.     The aroma of the raspberries and the dark chocolate, smell so rich and decadent.  I 'm trying to cut out as much sugar from my diet as possible.  This coffee is so smooth and tasty, I was able to add a little cream and  that is it.    No need for a flavored creamer!    Did you know a 6 ounce cup of Green Mountain Chocolate Raspberry Truffle coffee has only 2 calories?    It contains no fats, no carbohydrates, no sodium,  and no cholesterol.  I love enjoying my favorite flavor combination of raspberries and chocolate without blowing my calorie count for the day,  One cup of Chocolate Raspberry Truffle coffee is  just as satisfying as a piece of chocolate cake, not to mention healthier for you!
Coffee is one of life's sweet indulgences.  Every morning at 5:00am,  I make a bee line to the coffee machine.  My favorite activity in the morning is sipping a nice cup of Green Mountain Coffee,  while doing my computer work.   Green Mountain Coffee has a variety of coffee to suit everyone.   If you would like more information on the flavors and varieties available, visit the Green Mountain Coffee Website.  You can also follow Green Mountain Coffee on Facebook and Twitter  

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