Saturday, July 16, 2011

Crystal Light Flavor Over Fizz Challenge & Mocktails Review

Crystal Light invites you to take the Flavor Over Fizz Challenge. We need to support each other to get rid of soda in our daily routine. The Flavor Over Fizz Challenge, can be found on the Crystal Light,  Facebook page. As you smash the soda can, you will be entered to win a prize instantly. Crystal Light is giving away great prizes everyday though September 9.  I just entered, the prize today is an awesome bicycle.

                        When I started my journey to live healthier, I needed to give up soda.    I knew it was possible.   I gave up caffeine, while pregnant for my four children.   However, it's everywhere!!!  So how do you break the habit.  My advice is to find a healthy substitute.  A perfect choice is Crystal Light

Did you know :
Average can of soda vs. Crystal Light Green Tea Raspberry:
140 calories                                   5 calories
45 grams of sodium                       5 grams of sodium
39 grams of sugar                          0 grams of sugar

                  It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.  I am really working hard to stop and look at the amount of calories, I put in my body on a daily basis.  With diabetes at an all time high, we all need to make healthy changes, towards lowering our daily sugar intake.  I have found Crystal light to be a perfect choice.  It is available in 30+ flavors.   So I have plenty of options to chance up the flavor of my drink, so I don't get bored and opt for a soda.

                For a limited time, you can purchase Crystal Light Mocktails.   Do you like a nice cocktail to relax on the deck in the backyard, after a long day at work?  Crystal Light Mocktails, provides the same flavor profile without the calories or alcohol.   You can choose from Margarita,Mojito, or Appletini Crystal Light Mocktails.  I was sent all three to sample.  They taste amazingly delicious.  The flavor of the Appletini is so crisp and refreshing! It's like biting into a fresh apple!  The Mojito and Margarita taste so good!! The Mojito contains the perfect amount of mint to be refreshing without crossing the line to be overpowering! .  It's a great alternative for those who are pregnant or just choose to avoid alcohol.  I plan to purchase several boxes to keep on hand as a non-alcoholic option for my next summer party. 

For more information ~ visit Crystal Light on Facebook and Twitter 

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine. I was provided a free sample in exchange for my opinion

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