Saturday, June 25, 2011

Today I Ate A Rainbow Review

                       When my kids were younger so many people would ask me, "What's you secret to get your kids to eat so healthy?"   The truth is, there is no secret.   Since the kids were babies , we have always offered fresh fruits & veggies.   My daughter has considered yogurt and a salad, her favorite meal, since age 2.   My heart broke,  the day she came home from school,  saying her friends think she has a weird diet.    Her response was,"Momma we don't have a weird diet, we just like to eat like healthy girls right?"   My answer is YES!!!
                      I firmly believe,  if you eat healthy whole foods in moderation there isn't a reason to "diet".    Kids will follow the lead of their parents when selecting foods.   The key is to get them excited about eating healthy.   The perfect tool to motivate them is to puchase the ~ Today I Ate A Rainbow kit~ by Rainbow Innovations Group Inc. The kit is parent tested parent approved,  as a PTPA Media Award winner!

The package contains the following:
• Complete "Today I Ate A Rainbow!™" Chart
         • 1 Today I Ate A Rainbow!™ chart (not magnetic)
         • 4 sets of coloured magnets
         • 4 achievement magnets
         • 2 fridge magnets
         • 1 colour-coded shopping list
• The Rainbow Bunch Book
• BONUS! Rainbow Bookmark

                         I was sent the kit to use with my kids.  They really loved the chart. After each meal,  we would use our magnets & place them in the apporpriate colored column. This encouraged them to eat all the colors. I have noticed if we are eating a bunch of green veggies, then they will  try to come up with a different color to "fill in" their chart. Since receiving the kit, we have made it a habit to sing the Today I Ate A Rainbow! Song, while preparing our meals.         It goes like this~
                                                   Today I Ate A Rainbow!
                                                     And it tasted GREAT
                                                  Today I Ate A Rainbow
                                                    And it was on my PLATE!
                                            My body is so healthy and happy TOO..
                                         Today I Ate A Rainbow how about YOU?

 The song is printed on the back of the kit. My kids love it, its so catchy and the kids love to really shout out the words GREAT and PLATE. They always seem to finish off the song with a bunch of giggles

         I like that it stimulates them to make healthy choices on their own. The kit comes with The Rainbow Bunch! Book, its a very cute story.   It was a great vehicle to start a conversation about healthy eating. I took the opportunity to answer my kids questions about why its so important for our bodies to eat healthy.
               I like to take them to the farmer's market to show them new fruits and veggies. I also envolve them with the cooking process. Kids that help prepare a meal are more likely to try a new food if they are the one who helped cook it!

Today I Ate A Rainbow kits can be purchased through the website and are also available through

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