Monday, June 6, 2011

Grunt Style Review

Grunt Style is a clothing company founded by, former  U.S Army Drill Sargent, Daniel Alarik. He creates patriotic clothing every American can be proud to wear.  They suggest you wear Grunt Style,  if you love the idea of American liberties and freedom.  Grunt Style, supports the U.S military and their families.

I was amazed to find a clothing company that embodies the same philosophies as my husband, a former U.S Marine.  The shirt arrived & my hubby immediately thought it was very cool.  I am happy,  all printing on the shirts is done in the United States. The shirt is made with high quality fabric. The shirt fit perfect and wasn't to thin. I loved the form fitting shape of the shirt..It is tapered through the sleeve to show off your muscles. My husbands favorite feature of the shirt, is on the bottom portion it states-  I AM AN AMERICAN SOLDIER. My husband is happy to wear this shirt with American pride! 
The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine. I was provided a free sample in exchange for my opinion.


  1. That's a great shirt! Thanks for the head's up about this awesome (US) company!