Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Eco-Napkins by Stacy ~ Review

      I have been searching for a replacement for paper napkins. With a family of six, you can imagine how much waste we can accumulate.  In my journey to consume less I discovered Eco-Napkins by Stacy. She offered to send me a napkin to sample for myself.  When I recevied the package, I was impressed!! Alot of companies claim to be eco-friendly, but you can tell up front,  by the type of packaging they use to ship their products. I choose to support companies that use recyclable mailing materials, just like Eco-Napkins by Stacy.
                     When I first opened the package, I immediately noticed the quality of the Eco-Napkin. Stacy sews each one personally by hand.  She has over 500 patterns available. She has many different themes to choose from retro,western,and tie dyed, just to name a few!  The napkin pictured above is from the eco-friendly collection. I love the color and the cute print!. There are so many choices. You could do an entire theme for your dinner table or let each family member choose the one that suits their taste. If each member of your family has their own eco-napkins, you don't have to worry about them getting mixed up at the dinner table. Some how in my family, one person always ends up with their napkin missing. They are made of 100 % cotton and wash up extremely well. Stacy is very sweet and willing to personalize them for you or help you select a different pattern if she doesn't already have one available that suits you.

        I think we all take for granted the amount of paper products we use.  After just one day of using the eco-napkin I was impressed with the amount of paper napkins I saved.  I plan to purchase one for each member of my family.  I also plan to purchase one to keep in my purse.  I'm always on the go and feel better to be prepared.  It fits right in the pocket of my purse.  I have received several compliments on how cute the pattern is. The napkin is also a great conversation starter to get people thinking about ways to reduce waste and recycle.

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The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine. I was provided a free sample in exchange for my opinion.

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